I have a question I was just writing up, but when I realized Unix & Linux SE does not have a search-engine tag I thought that maybe this question would be considered off-topic for this site. Here is the question:

I would like to know if there is anyway I can search for Zsh themes that fulfil several specific criteria I specify to the search. Presently all search engines for Zsh themes I have found (including zshthem.es) do not appear to allow me to search for multiple specific features the theme possesses.

An Example to Clarify what I mean

For example, at the moment I am interested in using a Zsh theme with all of the following features:

  • They display the local time in AM/PM format
  • If the current working directory is a git repository it indicates whether or not all local changes have been pushed upstream.
  • It uses different symbols for root and user prompts, respectively.
  • It displays the hostname, username (e.g., root in a root prompt and the username in a non-root prompt) and a shortened form of the present working directory.

An example of what I am referring to with each of these criteria, is that previously I was using the gentoo Zsh theme, which for me (username: fusion809) when my current working directory is a git repository at ~/GitHub/PKGBUILDs/enlightenment which has unstaged commits displays: fusion809@brenton-pc ~/GitHub/PKGBUILDs/enlightenment (master*) $ as my user prompt. Where brenton-pc is my username, ~/GitHub/PKGBUILDs/enlightenment is the "shortened form of the present working directory" I was referring to, with the long form being, of course, /home/fusion809/GitHub/PKGBUILDs/enlightenment. The master* is how this theme indicates that I have unstaged commits to the git repository I am presently in. The dollar sign ($) denotes that the prompt is a user prompt, not a root prompt. So, the only thing the Gentoo theme lacks that I would like at the moment is that it does not display the local time in AM/PM format.


I want to be clear that my question is not me asking what theme fulfils the criteria I outlined in the previous "An Example to Clarify what I mean" section, but rather how I can search for such themes myself using a search engine or (if it is possible, which I suspect not) from the command-line.

so essentially I want to know if this question is on-topic and whether other questions relating to searching for themes, plugins, etc. for Unix/Linux software would be considered on-topic for this site?

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I wouldn't consider this on topic here because it essentially depends on someone, somewhere, building a site that is for sharing Zsh prompts and includes facility for tagging said prompts with the various features you describe.

It sounds more like a unicorn hunt than a procedure that will be of benefit to other Unix & Linux readers. Especially because you could just as easily write the prompt that you want yourself, using Zsh's excellent documentation and the many examples that are available on places like github.

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