Somehow the user named Community managed to close a question as a duplicate yesterday. Community's vote to close was only the second such on that question. It looked weird to me - it doesn't jive. Community is supposed to be a bot, right? What is it doing voting at all? Does it have any other similarly dubious and sinister abilities of which I can be made aware?


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SE have implemented a new button that lets you close your own question:

enter image description here

In the specific question you linked to, what happened was that @muru cast a close vote, and this made the following appear to the OP:

enter image description here

The OP saw it and agreed, so clicked on the button and, as a result, the question was closed and the OP's binding close vote is shown as originating from the Community user.

Don't worry, we still control the AIs, the bot is not on a killing voting spree.

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    Wouldn't it be less confusing if the binding close vote was attributed to the OP -- even it the OP may not usually be able to vote to close? Dec 7, 2015 at 14:08

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