I've just started looking at our tags; I'm wondering if we can clean up some of the package-related ones. We currently have:

as well as , , , , and probably other tags for specific package managers.

I'd like to suggest that we:

EDIT to clarify my suggestions for changes:

  • Merge and into .
  • Keep the package-specific tags (e.g. , , etc).
  • I'm in favor of removing as it would commonly relate to a specific package manager. Not opposed to keeping it for general packaging questions, though (pros/cons of RPM vs DEB; how do I avoid filename conflicts).
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    No, packaging and package-management are two very different things. A developer creating a package would use packaging and a user installing one would use package-management. Questions about building a package should be tagged with both packaging and the package manager's tag as appropriate.
    – terdon Mod
    Oct 24, 2015 at 14:45

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Everything in your first four points can be merged into , but specific package manager tags (, ) and package format tags (, ) should stay as-is.

Specific package manager tags needs to stay as-is because they behave differently in some cases, and package format tags because I could ask a question about creating and installing packages independent of the package manager.


As @FaheemMitha says, should remain to indicate questions about creating/dismantling packages, of course with a proper description indicating so.

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    Upvoted, but 'packaging' should probably be separate. That's for people who are trying to write it, I think. Oct 24, 2015 at 12:08
  • I upvoted both this answer and the question, with the same caveat as @FaheemMitha - that packaging should remain.
    – Jenny D
    Oct 24, 2015 at 16:34

I think:

  • "packages" should definitely be folded in to "package-management".
  • "packaging" should definitely not be folded in; I've just proposed a tag wiki edit based on my understanding of that tag (for packaging, not the end user's experience with packages). (It also seems to me that a software developer would want to make packages for multiple distros where possible, but maybe that is harder than I think.)
  • "package-conflicts" seemed at first glance to be a valid tag, but when I checked it only has 8 questions tagged, and the majority of those seem like they should just be tagged with "software-installation". So given the sparse use of the tag, I say yes, it could be removed without loss.

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