I just reviewed a suggested edit:

enter image description here

My first reaction was: what invisible edit was made to the text ( e.g. insert <BR>) to get this minimal edit in the queue. Then I noticed I had seen that gravatar before, that the editor has 17K6 reputation and that the proposed change was made in 2013 (when the editor had less then 2K rep.)

I briefly suspected that we now have review audits on U&L, but accepting the proposed change did not give any feedback to that effect.

  • There were no more edits than the change to the title. Nowadays you need to make larger changes for the system to accept them (at least on sites where I recently started with a low rep). When was the restriction of making larger minimal changes introduced?

  • Was this delay a result of a bug in the software? Or from some edge case in the database? If so what triggered this to show up in the review queue?

  • Was it an accident that this showed up, or are there more of these cases and are they being fed into the system at a low rate?

If this behaviour cannot be explained and/or is not intentional, I would consider it a bug.

For those wondering about it: the editor did get his +2 rep for an accepted edit. I hope it was worth the wait.


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A bug in suggested edits was tracked down where around 100 older suggested edits had been missed¹.

¹ Do I get a special badge now, having reviewed one of these unique suggested edits?

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