How is the Socratic badge awarded? I see the badge description as,

Asked a well-received question on 100 separate days, and maintained a positive question record. This badge can be awarded multiple times.

I have the Inquisitive badge which is a silver badge. It essentially is the same as Socratic with fewer number of days (30 days).

I have a positive question record for more than 100 questions (I have more than 100 questions that have a positive score on them). And am also sure that I asked these questions on separate days (may be 1 or 2 questions might be asked on the same day). But I still do not have the Socratic badge.

So, I believe it should have something to do with how well my questions were received.

What is a well-received question? Is it based on the number of views?

Also, is there a way to see how many more questions are needed for my Socratic badge?

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Ask 100 different Q's that are over the course of 100 unique days and have at least a +1 on said 100 Q's. This meta question titled: Asking days badges explains the well received as follows:


A well-received question is one that's open, not deleted, and has a score > 0. If you ask at least one well-recieved question in a UTC day and none of your questions that day are deleted, downvoted, or closed, you get one more day of credit toward the badge. Whenever the badge criteria is checked, previous asking days are re-evaluated so that there's an incentive to fix downvoted and/or closed questions. The no-deleted-questions criteria is to prevent people from asking several questions at once and deleting any that aren't upvoted or answered to ask another day. (Though this is a losing strategy in the long run.)

I highly suggest reading that meta question to get the full details.

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