In a headline, sections marked as code use a font that is too small compared to the font of the headline.
Actually, the font size for code sections in title seems to be just the same as used for code sections in bold text:

Headline 1 with code section

Headline 2 with code section

Headline 3 with code section

Bold line with code section
Plain line with code section

I compared to askubuntu and found that the font adapts to the header font there.

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This happens because the font size for <code> tags is specified as a fixed pixel value:

font-size: 13px;

The normal font size for plain text on this site is 15px, so replacing the CSS rule above with:

font-size: 86.67%;

would let the font size of <code> elements scale up in headers, while keeping the font size of code in plain text the same as it currently is.

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