So, says that it's about GNU Screen [verification needed], but then there's which is about "Computer monitors (i.e. screens or displays)", and there's also . Is common that people use them rather interchangeably which makes tagging hard. What should be done?

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I confirm that is about Screen, the program, which is known as GNU Screen to the younger generations. is about peripherals that turn a digital or analog electrical signal that represents a picture into visible light. is a bit fuzzier: it's generally about the information flow from an application that wants to display something to the display hardware, including but not limited to the concept of displays in X11.

I don't see much misuse of the tags. We currently have 304 questions tagged , and 36 questions had the tag initially but no longer do. We may have missed a few, but not many by eyeballing the question list. That's an acceptable success rate.

(Note: has now been renamed to to avoid the ambiguity.)

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