More often, I see some codeblocks like this c block or this bash block, which just aren't highlighted.

Often simple constructs like for-loops etc are, indeed, highlighted. But it looks broken.

And sometimes, it works better. This example only highlights the alias string, but not the alias command itself. It highlights the function(), though.

Another answer in the same thread, however, highlights eval, so why is alias not highlighted?

  • Why is that?
  • Is that a bug?
  • Is it broken?

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The code highlighter is more often than not tied to the tags on the questions - tags can have a highlighting hint tied to them, but the c tag didn't have one.

I've set that up, so the c block actually highlights now.

Sometimes, the highlighter doesn't figure out what it needs to do, so needs help in the form of a highlighting hint:

<!-- language: lang-bash -->

This is described in the editing help section about syntax highlighting.

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