10 out 10 refresh/page change on UL have the New Relic advertisement in the sidebar. Seems like the normal Community ads, and non-community ones aren't appearing at all.

Is this really expected?

enter image description here


I cannot reproduce this behaviour at this time. Of approximately 20 refreshes that I did, I got a very random distribution of ads. I also visited new relic via their ad which seemed to make their advertisement appear more often (1 in 2-3 reloads) but I cannot get it to reliably appear each time.


My colleague Anna's contribution to this answer: http://dilbert.com/strips/comic/2001-10-25


This is simply a result of New Relic purchasing a large share-of-voice, 25%, of available inventory. 25% is currently the maximum we're allowing any single advertiser to purchase at one time on the sites outside of the trilogy.

Note: retargeting is not something we currently permit from paid advertisers.

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