This site is for Unix and Linux question and I think that Network Services configuration and management is an important part of it so why the question that related to this domain don't get enough attention

for example: Squid (30 view, 1answer) How can we make Squid do a reverse nslookup?

DNS (35 view) how to nsupdate remotely?

Is this site for this questions or Not, so why they are left out like this, and Is there a better site than Unix and Linux for this services?


2 questions is hardly a valid sample to reach any sort of conclusion. I can pick any number of questions with a lower view count, and none of them are network related.

Plus we have your very own question which is also DNS related, and has currently received 1,891 views.


We can surely answer those questions here but they're probably more suited to Server Fault. I along with a few others can answer them but we are only a few users on this site. The vast majority probably cannot or choose not to. IMO!

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