I reviewed an answer where the OP answered their own Q. And although the actual actions were not clear to me they might be to someone else¹.

What I noticed is that just 5 days ago someone commented on the original question about having the same problem. But AFAIK that person never gets notified of the now existing answer.

Starring as favourite does not seem to do that (yet)². Regularly having to come back as an interested party, while there might not even be a new answer is something few people would do on a regular basis. And expecting the OP or the person providing the answer to go over the comments specifying "I have that problem to" does not really seem a reasonable solution either, and I would hate to see comments like this spawn because it is the only way (to hope for) a notification.

Apart from actually commenting on the comment and @usernaming the commenter and hoping someone will comment back once there is an answer, is there currently a way for him/her to get an automated notification about new answers on questions that the are interested in?

¹ I did ask for more details.
² And from the zero favored this Q count I can see the commenter did not use that option anyway.

  • I thought that was what "favoriting" was supposed to do. As you say though, "not yet". – terdon Feb 9 '14 at 15:40

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