So as part of my effort to waste a day and hit the daily rep count the hard way by re-tagging, I came across Bring Debian to second Position in the GRUB Menu at startup which is a duplicate (no question about that.) and merged (and migrated just to make things fun). Now it is tagged grub which we are trying to kill, and since he is installing a recent debian which uses grub2, I decided to retag it as grub2, but the edit button is grayed out.

So should I flag it, mention it here, or chat?

  • Please don't do that many retags in one day. When you do retags, check the front page. If it starts showing too many questions edited by you, take a break. Let other questions, especially new questions and questions with new answers, get some attention too. Commented Dec 27, 2013 at 12:02

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I would either flag it and use the "other" with custom comment (which happens to be the only option on that question anyway) or mention it in chat.

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