I'm talking about this question, How to uninstall RHEL from a dual-boot system?. The title makes it look like a Linux question, but reading into the question at hand, and the (accepted) answer, I can't keep telling myself that the question should have been titled "How to reinstall Windows?". Am I feeling right?

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I think a 'How to recover windows when linux gets in the way' could also be a suitable title.

I would argue that this is on-topic as it is NIX that got in the way, and NIX that was used to solve the problem.

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    Yeah, I was thinking it was off-topic too when I saw it, but since *nix ended up being involved in the solution I guess I was wrong – Michael Mrozek Nov 3 '10 at 6:57

Yeah, this is one of those rare topics that would fit both here and in MS's Knowledge Base.

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A better title could have been "How to remove GRUB" either way it's A grey area but I think would be OK here

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