So Jeff said something about Unix SE not having enough traction yet... which prompted me to go look at the stats displayed at Area51.

What caught my eyes was the visits/day stat. According to Area51 we have 432 visits per day, but on our front page it is reported that we have 1308 visits per day.


Visits per Day

Unix SE front page

Visits per Day

So which one of the two stats are wrong? OR Why are they different?


I checked other SE sites ( Maths and Photography ), appears that their stats are out of sync too.


It looks like the homepage is misleading. There's a difference between visitors/day and views/day (if I understand it correctly):

  • visitors/day is the number of different users that come to the site
  • views/day is the total number of different pages the visitors view

If 10 users come to the site and each view 5 questions, we'll have 10 visitors and 50 views. Area 51 is measuring visits/day, which looks right; we generally range between 300 and 600 unique hits per day. The homepage is measuring views/day (which is why labeling it "visitors/day" seems wrong), and reports the same value that the "views_per_day" key in the api does, 1308.49. The Google Analytics info seems to put our views significantly higher (they average more like 2200), but I believe the engine does some work to filter out duplicate views that the analytics info probably doesn't include

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