Should we create separate tags if a tag is ambiguous? I'm thinking of the file tag for starters... I think I've seen it mean file the data structure, and file the command. Are these even different enough? Should there be a separate tag? (I was thinking file-command ) thoughts?

update There is one other option... we could delete all instances that refer to the "data structure" I just don't see that as being important.

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We can't have amibiguous tags; that just seems wrong. I'm for file-command as an extra tag.

But that's going to be more work for you guys (moderators)?

comments on update:

I don't see how that is an alternative? There is still going to be questions that will need to be retagged file or file-command.

I think we should just create the file-command tag, retag the obvious questions and let social nature take its course...


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  • I don't think much more work – xenoterracide Sep 12 '10 at 12:13
  • On the contrary, it's going to be more work for you guys; the ability to retag comes at 200 reputation :). But xeno is right, they really do need to be kept separate – Michael Mrozek Sep 12 '10 at 16:00

We should, and [file-command] is probably good since people who type [file] should see it in the suggestion box and choose it, which limits the amount of work retaggers have to do

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  • [file-command] was not shown as a suggestion when I typed [file]. I had to search on meta to find the right tag, which I did finally did after sumbling upon this question. – Flux Nov 24 '18 at 14:51

I will also endorse file-command, but i think we should add files for the data structure and depreciate and remove file.

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