I was making a question related to bash built-in's and realise the existence of those two tags:

tag has only 3 questions, no wiki and no followers, in my opinion all questions would also fit in .

has 15 questions, with various shells and 1 follower.

Are those duplicate tags?

Wouldn't it be better if those tags are directly related to the shell itself like bash-builtin, csh-builtin, etc?

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Several upvotes but no answer?

I consider them duplicate. Apart from that IMHO tag names should be clear. Knowingly having these two for different purposes would most probably confuse a lot of people.

But I would not consider it useful to create bash-builtin, csh-builtin and so on. What is the advantage of bash-builtin vs bash shell-builtin? We have fsck, ext4, btrfs. Shall ext4-fsck and btrfs-fsck be added now? That would make sense to me only if serious problems were solved. Like avoiding problems with the 5-tags limit. But I don't think that is one.

  • on second thought, you are right. They would only make sense as alias tags, like bash-builtin => bash && shell-builtin, this will cheat the 5 tags limit
    – RSFalcon7
    Apr 27, 2013 at 13:35

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