Am I going crazy? Searching for "2038" (without quotes) redirects me to this question, whereas searching for "2037" or "2039" (again, without quotes) actually executes a search. Searching for "2038" WITH quotes properly executes a search (or, if you are a C programmer, then that would be "\"2038\"" :-)). I have not really tested to see if this problem happens with other numbers, but this particular number is troubling because of the Y2K38 problem. I am pretty sure that this is a bug, could I get a confirmation from another user or a fix from an admin?

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That question has ID 2038; searching for questions by ID has worked for some time. Posts 2037 and 2039 are both answers, so it doesn't automatically redirect to the question page, but any question ID should work (for example, searching for 1141 here on meta).

Quoting it returns normal results because a few weeks ago we switched to a new search engine, and now quoted phrases are exact matches, so it prevents the search engine from interpreting the number as an ID


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