The tag has two unrelated meanings:

  • the OS scheduler (task priorities, sched_getscheduler, etc.)
  • scheduling a program to run at a certain time (cron, atc, etc.)

These should be split. What should be the names of the two tags?


scheduler and scheduling - the gerund for the latter makes sense with respect to the majority of the question types around cron and at.

This could be further clarified with the sort of note in the tag wiki that install has, for example, where the correct usage is spelled out for new users.


I would be inclined to leave for scheduler-related questions and use for cron questions, for at questions etc...

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    This is not very good for askers who are coming from Windows and don't know cron, at, etc. Even beyond that, there is some use for a generic tag about the concept, when the right tool isn't obvious from the question. Nov 25 '12 at 18:59

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