I asked a question the other day as an unregistered user. There were some good answers to it. I then tried to register my username. The registration worked, kind of. I got an account by the same name, but it didn't import the couple of cred points, and it didn't give me back control over my previous question. I can't give the guy who answered correctly the credit he deserves.

So 1) is there a way to connect my now registered account with the old unregistered one

and barring that 2) is there a way to log back into the unregistered account? There wasn't a password. There was just a cookie that was wiped out when I registered.


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I merged your accounts together, so your registered account has your previously asked question now

For future reference if other people have this problem, it's possible to recover your cookie using the account recovery page, and once you're logged back in to the unregistered account you can add an OpenID to register it

  • Fantastic. Thank you very much!
    – FooBar
    Nov 1, 2012 at 1:05

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