I saw this SQL query on another question, but I didn't know about the members in the table. How can I list all the tags created that have no excerpt yet?

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You can just check ExcerptPostId

On a sidenote, if you're looking for this so you can start adding lots of excerpts, can you be a little more careful? It's helpful that you suggest wiki edits, but your wikis are generally only a sentence or two and still manage to have typos at least half the time. For example, this question you just wrote is a single sentence and manages to have multiple problems

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    Looks better with a link, and sorted by count: data.stackexchange.com/unix%20and%20linux/query/81670/… Oct 3, 2012 at 18:17
  • Thanks for the heads up, I'll use a spell checker. And I will not add wiki for obvious tags like keyboard.
    – daisy
    Oct 4, 2012 at 0:20
  • Shouldn't excerpt be precise? How long should it be then
    – daisy
    Oct 4, 2012 at 0:22
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    @warl0ck It's not the length, it's the number of errors. If it's a language barrier problem then that's fine; I can't tell. But it'd save work for the people reviewing the edits if you proofread them Oct 4, 2012 at 0:52
  • @MichaelMrozek okay, will do
    – daisy
    Oct 4, 2012 at 0:54

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